WTC Prize Money: A loss to Ajid in the final of the Test Championship will fetch Rohit hefty prize money, though much less than in the IPL.

If Team India defeats Australia in the final of the upcoming World Test Championship, then Team India will become the world champion in the longest format. With this, Rohit Sharma has a chance to take home a huge amount of prize money. However, if you lose, the prize money will be halved.

Until the results of the India-Australia final are out, it is difficult to say which of the two teams will bag the highest prize money. However, the amount that South Africa is going to get from this Test Championship has already been decided.

ICC has announced the prize money for this year’s Test Championship. The champion team will get 16 lakh US dollars, which is about 13 crore 23 lakh rupees in Indian currency. Half of this i.e. 8 lakh US dollars i.e. about 6 crore 61 lakh rupees in Indian currency will be given to the runner-up team.

Overall, the ICC has fixed the prize money for the current Test Championship season at $3.8 million i.e. around Rs 31.4 crore. This amount will be given to all the 9 teams participating in the Test Championship. South Africa, which occupies the third place in the league, will get 4 lakh 50 thousand US dollars i.e. about 3 crore 72 lakh rupees.

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The ICC has not increased the prize money of the Test Championship this year. Last time also the same amount was allotted as prize money of WTC. New Zealand also received a prize money of $ 1.6 million for winning the Test Championship title last time. India received US$ 8 lakh for being the runner-up.

Notably, the amount paid by the BCCI to the IPL champion team will be much less than the team that wins the Test Championship title. The Indian Cricket Board gives a prize of Rs 20 crore to the IPL champion. The runners team of IPL gets Rs 13 crore. That is, on becoming the world champion of Test, the prize money equal to the runner-up team of IPL will be given.

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Who will get prize money from Test Championship: –
1. Champion (India or Australia): USD 1.6 million.
2. Runner-up (India or Australia): US$ 8 lakh.
3. Third place (South Africa): 4 lakh 50 thousand US dollars.
4. Fourth place (England): 3 lakh 50 thousand US dollars.
5. 5th Position (Sri Lanka): US$ 2 Lakh.
6. 6th Position (New Zealand): US$ 1 Lakh.
7. 7th Position (Pakistan): 1 Lakh US Dollars.
8. 8th position (West Indies): USD 1 lakh.
9. 9th place (Bangladesh): 1 lakh US dollars.

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