WPL 2023: Get the good batsmen out with rocket throws without easy run-outs in the pass! a feat of viral genius

Deepti Sharma once again proved that she is one of the best all-rounders in the world. Along with her batting and bowling skills in the Women’s Premier League, she has shown how good she is in the field. UP Warriors’ Deepti dismissed a relatively good batsman against Mumbai Indians on Saturday without getting run out at the bowler’s end. And netizens are in awe of Deepti’s wit.

In 19.4 overs, Deepti lofts a full delivery to EC Wang at leg stump. The Mumbai batsman makes space and hits a straight shot. Already he tried to take two runs. But his teammate Jhintimani Kalita could not complete two runs. Wang, however, settled for two runs. Meanwhile, at the non-striker’s end, Deepti got a throw. There was a stump in front of him. And Kalita also could not cross even half of the pitch.

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However, India’s star all-rounder Deepti did not break the stumps on her own. Instead, he threw the ball at the stumps towards Jame Wang at the crease. This breaks the stump. Wang was still out of the crease. Who could not have imagined that Deepti would throw at him. Perhaps UP Warriors captain and wicketkeeper Alyssa Healy had no idea that Deepti would ‘rocket throw’ towards the striker’s end. Who is a direct throw ‘specialist’.

Netpara and cricket experts have praised Deepti’s intelligence. According to him, Batter Wang is much better than Kalita. Those who were also in rhythm. At that time Wang was playing on 31 runs off 18 balls. Wang had the ability to hit big shots when he got strike on the last two balls. The run could have gone closer to 140 runs. At the same time, due to the fire of Deepti, the new batsman has to play the remaining two balls. No run from him (a dot and a run out). Those two balls could have been the difference in the match as UP Warriors finally won with three balls to spare.

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But not only this, Deepti got a brilliant run out on the last ball of the 20th over. Sayka yorkers Ishaq outside offstump. Sayka somehow pushes the ball to the off side and runs in for a single. Deepti catches the ball on the run and breaks the stumps at the non-striker’s end. Deepti took two wickets for 35 runs against Mumbai on Saturday. UP then won the match by scoring 13 not out in 14 balls. He was also chosen man of the match.

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