‘Why are people attacking you? Why is the thief saying this?’ Dileep’s question to Mamta

Palash Naskar, Kolkata: Abhishek Banerjee had to face the rain of bricks in Shalbani, the stronghold of Jhargram, the life center of Jangalmahal, in the evening of Navajoa programme. Midnipur MP Dilip Ghosh does not see any fault of the Kurds in the whole incident. In fact, a few days back Kurdmir also attacked Dilip Babu’s bungalow in Kharagpur.

Dilip said, ‘My house was attacked with money.’ The leaders joked that there was an attack on Dilip Ghosh’s house. Sometimes you are insulting the Santhals, sometimes you are insulting the Kurmis. Gurkha is angry with you. The royals and Matua are furious. You will have to bear the consequences of your cheap politics. Your pants come loose when a stone falls on the car. Goons follow me wherever I go. Now see how it feels!

Comparing Trinamool’s ‘Yuvraj’ Abhishek with ‘cat’, Dileep said, ‘What is the need to go there? They are at peace. Don’t let it be, villages and districts are exploding. Don’t turn it off. You don’t have the guts to do that. Are you jerking innocent people in the woods? No ability to ask questions. You have to run away from there silently like a cat. They schedule a lot of things. Simone says I will do this, I will do that. People’s lives are going unnecessarily. There is no power to do anything. And the deprived and exploited people are agitating, and you are shocking them?

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He claimed, “He has been in power for 12 years. He could not give them even a drop of food and water. They do not get the ration sent by the Centre. The money of the housing scheme has been looted. What did he do wrong? Then you cheated. He said that I have given a letter to the Kurmids for tribal recognition. It was learned that the letter was not sent to Delhi. “Unke men will kill people by bursting bombs,” Dileep asked the chief minister during his visit to Newtown Eco Park on Saturday morning and he would deliver the package. How long will you last with this package? Why don’t you shut down the bomb factory? West Bengal has become the hub of bomb supply. Bobby Hakim gets hurt when I say Afghanistan. This state has become Afghanistan and Syria. Why are people attacking you? Why are you saying thieves?” Dilip himself answered after a pause, “People have become tyrannical today. So it’s happening.”

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