‘Who said I was just sitting on the post’, Kunal claimed credit for moving ‘ATK’ from Mohun Bagan?

Bangla Hunt Desk: ATK Mohun Bagan defeated Bengaluru FC in the final match of the ISL tournament at the Fatorada Stadium in Goa on Saturday. When the team and its supporters were in a happy mood, it was Mohun Bagan club owner Sanjeev Goenka who came with another news. He suddenly announced that the name of this club will be changed. It is said that the team’s new name is going to be Mohun Bagan Super Giants from next season.

After the match, Sanjeev Goenka said, ‘This announcement has been speculated for the past few days. Finally, after this victory, that opportunity came to us. We want to inform everyone about this.’ On the other hand, the vice president of the club, Kunal Ghosh (Kunal Ghosh) made a post on social media. The discussion has started with that.

In his Facebook post, he wrote, ‘Who said that the committee is not doing anything to remove it? Who said just sitting in the post? Besides thanking Sanjeev Goenka today, remember, in the first meeting as Vice President, I was the first to formally open the door to the discussion of moving it. The committee agreed. Since then the process was going on.’

In Kunal’s words, “Sanjeev Babu himself is a gardener. In today’s corporate era, he spends so much on the club, insulting him would not do this. Discussions are on track. On the day of the inauguration of the club’s sports library, I said that Sanjeev Babu agreed in principle. We await the announcement. Still, a few have done barbarity by pretending to be Mohan Bagani. Ugly attacked. Some have insulted 99.99 percent of Mohun Bagan fans for no reason by talking about boycotting the ground.”

The leader added, “It was named before I or anyone else came into office. We kept the sponsor and tried alternative words instead of Attic. Today the effort of the new committee was successful. Keep it simple. The Mohun Bagan family is happy. Thanks again Sanjeevbabu. Welcome Mohun Bagan Super Giants.”

Incidentally, for a long time the supporters of the team have been demanding to remove the word from the name Mohun Bagan. Green-maroon supporters were campaigning to remove it. After a long wait, after almost three years, the team has finally decided to change its name. While supporters are excited about this, they are in doubt whether the new name has already taken effect.

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