WhatsApp Edit Option: You can ‘edit’ even after sending a message on WhatsApp, how long will you get the chance?

Suppose you send a message to someone on WhatsApp. But after sending it felt that there was a need to write something else. or spelling is incorrect. This can lead to major confusion or an uncomfortable situation. Also Read: School Teacher: New Guidelines To Stop ‘Fraud’ Of School Teachers, Come To Me – No More

In such a situation, there is no option left but to delete the message. But even after deleting the message it looks bad. The anger of WhatsApp users was suppressed for a long time. However, the developers of WhatsApp have heard this. Finally a much awaited update is coming for the most popular messaging app.

Up to 15 minutes!

Yes you have sent the message. After that, if you feel that you need to make any changes to the sent message, you can directly edit the message. A similar feature of editing messages is being added to WhatsApp.

Earlier, there were many experiments regarding this feature in the beta version of WhatsApp. But it was in full testing phase. The news was reported by WABetaInfo, the various WhatsApp news tracker. His screenshots were also found in many reports. It is observed that a new option to edit the message has been added to the menu. That is, you can easily change or edit the message sent on WhatsApp, such as copy, paste, message forward or delete.

Interest in the feature was high among users of the beta version. Due to its good reviews, Meta is finally going to bring this new feature to the final version. Soon you will get this feature on your phone’s WhatsApp, so that even after sending the message, it can be edited and changed. Read more: Photo gallery: Airplane parts that have fallen from the sky! Hichai Goaltod, see photo

But it’s only for 15 minutes. not then. And of course, its main purpose is to replace misspelled or misspelled messages. This is what the meta authorities have said.

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