What will happen if India reaches the final, if the final is not held in Pakistan then the Asia Cup will be lost

Vishwadeep Banerjee: India spoke. They will not go to play Asia Cup in Pakistan. However, the Asia Cup is being organized in Pakistan. Team India will play all its matches in other countries. It could be Sri Lanka. Or India’s matches can also be held in UAE or England.

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That is, if India reaches the final, then that match will also be played in some other country? Wouldn’t the Asia Cup be a fool in such a situation? Hosted by Pakistan. Except India all other countries will play in Pakistan. But if India reaches the final, then the final will not be held in Pakistan. How is this a decision?

The rhythm of the competition is bound to be disrupted. Otherwise the whole competition would have been in another country. But if a team that reached the finals in one environment suddenly moves to another environment, it would be really unfair. However, there is not much difference between the environment of Pakistan and UAE or Sri Lanka. But if the final is held in England then this problem will have to be faced by the other finalists except India.

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Please tell that this year there are 6 teams in Asia Cup. In the preliminary stage three teams will play in two groups. Pakistan is in the group of India. Including that match, a total of 5 matches are going to be organized outside Pakistan. Because it is believed that Team India will reach the next stage. Three more matches are to be played in this phase.

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