What did the former Pakistan captain do with the Indian flag? A heated debate on social media

Bangla Hunt News Desk: When the Indian team (Team India) and the Pakistan Cricket Team (Pakistan Cricket Team) face each other, the whole cricket world is watching that duel. Before this, the cricketers of the two teams have been involved in many controversies regarding this duel. This time again, a similar incident happened where the former Pakistan all-rounder and captain Shahid Afridi became a villain in the eyes of Indian fans.

A few days ago Legends Cricket League (LLC) was organized in Qatar. A total of three teams participated in that tournament. The Indian Maharajas team was made up of former Indian cricketers. The Asian Lions team was made up of star former cricketers from the rest of Asia. The World Giants team was made up of retired stars from the remaining cricket playing countries outside Asia. Afridi was the captain of the Asian team.

An incident occurred during the course of this league. Afridi did a terrible thing while defending the request of an Indian fan. The fan asked for Afridi’s signature on his jersey and Indian flag. Afridi wants to protect his request and commits a deadly crime.

Afridi signed by placing the jersey and the flag on his knee. And after this video came out, while some praised his humanity, many were outraged. Many people are angry about how Afridi put the flag of a country on his knee like that. Many have also said that signing the flag is never desirable. As a result, despite doing good work, the former Pakistan captain has faced criticism.

However, Afridi is not too worried about his criticism. Under his leadership, the Asian Lions won the tournament and he is satisfied with that. Recently he requested Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resume the bilateral series between India and Pakistan. He had to fall in the face of Banga for that too.

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