Viacom18: JioCinema said, ‘TV days are over’, Reliance Television boss reprimanded

Two queens of one king. Suorani and Duorani. Till now Duyorani has served the king. But now Surani has come. That’s where his mind is. And that’s why the Tauranis are so sad.

No, not a fairy tale. Rather it is only a metaphor. At present, Reliance’s entertainment arm Viacom18 is in a similar situation. Viacom18’s TV business has grown over time. And JioCinema has become Suorani. The focus of Ambani’s company is more on that. Jio Cinemas is being promoted as a ‘better entertainment medium than TV’. And the TV executives of the company are not happy about it. Also read: Jio will show IPL in 4k resolution in 12 languages, that too for free

Last month, Viacom18 invited various advertising and media agencies to take up advertisements on JioCinema’s CricStream platform. That said, JioCinema will run innovative ads during the first IPL streaming. The whole matter will be highlighted through the two-day event. Till then it was fine. But the beginning of the incident turned everything upside down.

At the start of the event, the exhibition begins by mentioning ‘Traditional television, a dark tunnel’. On the other hand, if we talk about statistics, the TV ratings of IPL are decreasing year by year. A message has also been given at the end. It says, ‘There is no light at the end of this dark tunnel.’

There sits the representative/boss of one of the biggest advertising agencies in the country and the world. And there JioCinema is promoting like this. Condemnation of live TV. Meanwhile, the huge TV business under him. Naturally, the owners of TV channels under Viacom 18 were not happy at all. Why would there be conflict between two branches of the same organization? They are asking questions.

“They could sell digital streaming ads on their own merit,” said a Viacom18 channel executive on condition of anonymity. Thus there was no need to compare with TV. Digital has enough power to promote itself. It is not that people are not aware of this aspect. Now everyone invests money in advertising on YouTube and Facebook.

When it comes to TV being premium, apparently our sister company thinks TV is dead. Looks like we don’t need outside competitors, insiders are making huge losses,” the executive said.

Similarly, a channel leader of the organization said, ‘Our branch feels that television is dead. If this happens, we will no longer have to compete with any outsider. It is the people of our house who are doing the damage.

Experts say that Viacom18 has the digital broadcast rights of IPL. To get this, he has spent about Rs 23,757.5 crore. Now they will collect that money by any means through digital advertising. And that is why he did not hold back from campaigning against TV.

Is TV Really Dead?

It is true that traditional TV has lost some customers to digital. Nevertheless, the statistics are still shocking. The television advertising market in India is over Rs 1,40,000 crore. So to say that TV is dead is totally wrong.

Jehil Thakkar, partner and media and entertainment sector expert at Deloitte India, said, “Television will continue to play an important role in the future. But it is true that the growth rate of TV may slow down.

He further added that TVE is the cheapest form of entertainment in India by international standards. Digital people in India take with TV. People do not want to leave TV completely and come online. In addition, data costs will continue to rise. And Indian consumers are very price sensitive.

In other words, people will move away from traditional media in the long run. But television as a tool will continue. TV will go away, but still, TV as a tool will continue. Also read: Chance to watch for free, 30 million people saw Messi’s magic in the final on Jio Cinemas

A broadcasting and advertising expert, on the condition of anonymity, said, ‘If television is really dead, then why is Viacom18 still running 59 TV channels? What is their future?

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