This Android app used to record every 15 minutes! uninstall

Various Android apps are coming in the way without anyone’s knowledge. Concerns about privacy in Android apps have grown steadily over the years. Many popular apps have been accused of accessing phones and tracking voices. Many users have installed these apps through Play Store. However, many such popular apps have been accused of recording conversations without users’ permission to access the microphone. Read more: Warning issued with many popular apps! uninstall immediately

Not only this, it was found that the app was sending data through an encrypted link to the developer’s server. According to a report by Ars Technica, this app named iRecorder Screen Recorder was tracking the voices of the users without their knowledge. This is what the experts have said.

The app is slated to be released in September 2021, explained expert Stefanko in a post. But after a year the update of the app came. And it is from here that the code for this page is inserted. As a result, the privacy of approximately 50,000 users was breached. But finally Google Play Store removed this app.

The biggest concern with such ad address apps is that they are also breaking the security ring of the Play Store. Such apps also bypass Google’s stringent security checks. First bringing the correct app to the Play Store and after some time the updates are injecting malicious coding into the users’ phones.

Google claims that in future it is preparing to tighten the security rules. They are demanding the developers to share more details about the update with their users. But needless to say, such incidents will break the user’s trust in future. All that can be said is to be careful while downloading any app. Take care and caution of this even while downloading apps from Google Play Store. Also Read: Google Play Store: Delete These 36 Apps From Your Phone Immediately! Otherwise there is a big danger, here is the list

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