Tarapith’s mother has a sister, know who she is

Vishwadeep Banerjee: As a Hindu pilgrimage site, Tarapith is famous not only in Bengal, but all over India. Maa Tara always sits under the feet of Mahasadhak Bamakshyap in this Mahapeeth. But do you know, mother Tara also has a sister. And one day in a year two sisters met.

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Taradevi is the second of Dasamahavidya. It is said that Mahamuni Vashishtha attained Siddhi by worshiping the goddess at Tarapeeth. Since then the glory of that place and Goddess Tara spread. Mother is Tara’s sister? Surprisingly, Maa Tara actually has a sister. Do you know who that is?

Temple of Goddess Muliksha at Maluti, now in Jharkhand. See ‘Mauli’ meaning head and ‘Iksha’ meaning. Idol of Mulisha Devi made of laterite stone, where only the head is visible. And they are called the sisters of the mother. And on one day in a year there is a meeting of two sisters. Chaturdashi of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. On this day, Maa Tara is seated in the Tarapeeth facing the west. Because Maluti is to the west of Tarapith.

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It is said that on this special day Maa Tara and her sister Mooluksha Maa used to sit face to face and gossip. That is why on this day Maa Tara is kept facing west. It may be noted that the holy crematorium and temple of Tarapeeth is in the west direction of Maa Tara. According to one belief, that is why the mother has been kept facing the west. According to this belief, Mother Tara appeared on Shukla Chaturdashi date of this Ashwin month.


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