Sachin’s suggestion for ODI: ODI cricket is getting boring, Sachin suggested to change the rules in the World Cup year

Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has supported the change in the format of ODI cricket. Earlier, another former cricketer Ravi Shastri also spoke on the same issue. According to Master Blaster, the format of ODI cricket is getting worse and worse day by day. He also demanded to change the rules of cricket in this format. Along with this, he also told the way how to play in future. After the advent of T20 cricket, the popularity is gradually decreasing. As a result, the master blaster has proposed a rule change to bring back the madness of ODI cricket.

Recently Sachin Tendulkar came to an event and proposed to introduce a new format in ODI cricket. He said, ‘A match should be divided into four parts. The innings should be done in 25 overs. Test cricket should be done as it is going on. But in Test cricket you have to take 20 wickets, here only 10 wickets will do. A total of 10 wickets have to be taken in two innings. If someone gets out in the first innings then he cannot bat in the second innings.

He also explained the reason behind introducing this new format. The veteran explained, ‘We had gone to play a match in Sri Lanka. 118 overs were done but there was no result. India batted for 10 overs after Sri Lanka put into bat on the first day. And then the match was stopped due to rain. The match was canceled due to rain on the second day as well. In the new format, if both the teams get a chance to bat for 25 overs. Then there will be harmony. But when nothing good is happening even between 15 to 40 overs, it is very intolerable and irritating. This has to change. Our time was not like this. But it happened for T20.

Sachin feels that spinners are not very happy in ODI cricket. The Master Blaster said that he spoke to a few spinners. He is also trying to know the mental state of the five fielders in the 30-yard circle during the game. Sachin said, ‘When there are five cricketers inside the 30-yard circle, the spinners cannot change the bowling line. As a result, they also have to face trouble. Wickets don’t come easily. Batsmen have to be seen to take wickets. If the batsman makes a mistake then the spinners get wickets.

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