Rumors of husband’s adultery surfaced, this time Imran-wife gave signs of separation

entertainment deskThough not seen in the limelight, but no one is unaware of the relationship between Bollywood actors Imran Khan and Avantika Malik. The actor forged alliances with like-minded people early in his career. Married in 2010. At present, he also has a daughter.

Even though Imran-Avantika are still husband and wife, but their relationship is not perfect. They have been separated since 2019. A few days ago Imran was seen with actress Kesha Washington. In the month of love, both were seen spending time holding each other’s hands. After that Avantika stopped herself for some time and opened her mouth.

No, he didn’t say anything directly, but he explained to some extent through post sharing. Avantika recently shared a clipping of the performance of Hollywood pop star Miley Cyrus. In which it is written, “Divorce is the best decision for him.” Sharing this video, Avantika writes, “Only in his case this is not true! This question keeps coming again and again. Miley’s new album ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ is about divorce. Incidentally, Avantika is currently living alone with her daughter. After separating from Imran, his daughter lives with her mother.

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