Richa returned home after winning the world for two months, Siliguri was full of emotions

wall bureau: Richa Ghosh returned home after winning the world. As soon as he stepped on the Bagdogra airport on Wednesday morning, the crowd took him in their arms. One by one the players and institutions welcomed them.

Overwhelmed by everyone’s hospitality, Richa also got swept away in the tide. However, even after winning the Under-19 World Cup, he regrets not winning the Senior World Cup. Although India won against Pakistan on the basis of his bat. Anand could not contain his happiness thinking this.

Meanwhile, for the first time in the Women’s Premier League, Richa is somewhat disappointed as her team, Royal Challengers Bangalore, has been knocked out from the group stage. His father Manvendra Ghosh and other family members were also present at the airport.

Richa and her father Manvendra Ghosh reached Siliguri’s Journalist Club directly from Bagdogra Airport. Richa expressed enthusiasm about the sports infrastructure of Siliguri city in the press conference after the reception of the Journalist Club.

His statement is, “I have said many times before about the playground in Siliguri, the in-charge said that they will get the matter investigated. We have waited before and we will have to wait more. Having a zone in Siliguri will not only benefit girls but boys as well.”

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