Ola S1 Pro: Accident happened on one side of the wheel! Ola is changing design

Blue Ola S1 Pro. The front wheel is broken and lying face down on the road. That picture of Maharashtra had gone viral on social media. After this the controversy started regarding Ola scooter. Is Ola Electric Scooter absolutely safe? Mint asked the organization about this. A recent investigation reveals that many people are concerned about the reliability of the scooters.

The problem lies in the front fork of Ola’s scooter. Buyers claim that the roads in India are very bad. So if the road is even a little bad, the fork breaks and the front wheel comes off. Needless to say how dangerous it is on a moving two wheeler. Also Read: Ola S1: The Wheels Of The E-scooter Come On! Seriously injured rider, husband’s tahrir

The Ola SI’s suspension is connected to the wheels through a large section of high-pressure aluminum die-casting. The problem is with the fork arm welding.

Ola’s fork unit is made in ‘Cantilever Design’. Here the entire weight falls on only one side of the wheel. That is, not on both sides of the wheel. The bike’s suspension is connected to the handlebar on one side only. Needless to say, the resulting pressure is not balanced at all.

Interestingly, the original scooter from Ola was designed by a European company. Has a nice smooth road, a suspension that does the job for light use. But the roads of India are not like this anymore. Many of the roads here are equivalent to ‘offroading’ of Saheb-Subod. Also, long hours of use, driving on congested roads, going through bumpers, potholes, potholes, carrying 3-4 people (even though it is illegal) – these are the things that make any two wheeler in India The vehicle must be known.

2 crore two wheeler market in India. And this Ola is the only one that has thorns on this side. As a result, initially large lumps are apparent. Whether it has Bluetooth or a sound system, at the end of the day if the front wheel of the scooter falls off, it is not reliable. Especially when there are good, safe 125-150cc motorcycles at that price.

This has been the experience of buyers from different parts of the country. However, Ola has repeatedly claimed that these are isolated incidents. But the fact is that it has happened to so many people that it can no longer be isolated. Perhaps that’s why Ola was finally forced to act.

Run the straps!

Ola gradually introduced mild changes to the front fork arm in the models manufactured in 2023. what was done? Where there was a problem with the design, Ola added some screws to hold the wheel in place. The funny thing is that the whole thing is silent. He did not give this information to the customers.

It is now known that Ola may switch to the conventional twin-telescopic front suspension design within the next few months.

Why is it being upgraded? Ola didn’t explain it. The company also declined to respond when asked by Mint. The whole thing is going on because of a design upgrade.

But are older scooters so dangerous that the entire suspension design has to be changed? However, the organization did not open its mouth about this. And this is what the existing Ola customers fear.

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