No contract with Zee Music! Many Bollywood songs have been removed from Spotify

Music Streaming Array Spotify To Remove All Songs Of Zee Music Company. A plan to renew their licensing agreement fell through last week. And for this reason he had to give up many popular Hindi songs. The fans of Bollywood songs are very upset with this. Especially those who had taken Spotify Premium, they have created a ruckus on social media. Many have even threatened to end their membership.

Already at one point, the number of Indian songs on Spotify was low. However, keeping up with the demand, Spotify India has increased the number of Indian artists. But it goes without saying that Spotify hit back quite a bit in the immediate aftermath. Also read: Oscars: The world is surprised by Natu-Natu, Modi is praised

Zee Music had earlier canceled its contract renewal with another popular music app Gaana. His songs were dropped from Gaana in 2022. After a few months, Gaana became a ‘subscription-only’ app.

According to a report in Billboard, Spotify management said in a statement, ‘Spotify and G Music have not been able to reach a licensing agreement. But Spotify is looking for a deal with Zee Music. The effort will continue. It is expected to reach a mutual decision soon.

However, many criticized the move on Twitter. A Twitter user wrote, ‘Spotify is fighting Bollywood. Almost all the songs have stopped. What do they have instead of songs like Daru Desi and Kala Chashma? Another user said, ‘The entire collection of Bollywood songs including Nagada Sang Dhol has been removed from Spotify. My week is ruined.

Despite the passage of time, the future of streaming platforms is uncertain. Their main competition is with YouTube Music. Spotify has to make huge deals with various music labels. But they get the right to put that song on the app. On the other hand, they make money from subscription money from customers, or by advertising between songs.

Meanwhile, YouTube is where music labels, artists themselves upload music videos. No YouTube cost as a result. In addition, YouTube Premium subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular. After doing this, almost all the songs of the world are coming on YouTube Music. There are also popular podcasts that are putting pressure on music streaming platforms over time. Also read: Malware dubbing free software, new cycle of cheating started on YouTube

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