Leo’s problem with PSG manager! Messi’s father is troubled by false reports about his son

There are always rumors about stars. This is not a new thing. In the age of social media, rumors often spread more than facts and have more influence. Various types of rumors are constantly heard about the stars of the sports world. And if that player is Lionel Messi, there is no question. From time to time, many news about Messi keep coming. Various types of news are being heard about Messi for some time now. Needless to say, all that is not true. His father George Messi has spoken openly on the rumors going on about Messi. He disclosed this on his social media. Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, commented on at least three news reports about Messi as rumours.

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As the contract with PSG has not been renewed till now, various rumors are heard around Messi. Sometimes it is heard that Messi is going to Saudi Arabia and sometimes it is heard that LA Galaxy is waiting for him with a bag of money. Apart from this, news of Messi’s return to Barcelona or New Well’s Old Boys is also coming to the fore. Apart from this, there are reports in the media that Messi’s relationship with PSG coach Christophe Gaultier is not good. But it is very difficult to understand who is true in the crowd of so many news. However, Messi is upset about these reports from an Instagram post by his father. Where he claimed at least three news about Messi to be false.

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George angrily wrote, ‘Fake news? Can’t believe them? We will not tolerate false news anymore. The three reports that Jorge Messi has claimed to be false are 1) Messi leaving training earlier on Tuesday due to problems with Gaultier. 2) PSG’s refusal to accept Messi’s conditions for signing a new contract. And the second is that 3) Messi demanded 600 million euro salary from Al Hilal.

Whatever Gaultier may say, the gruesome mill of rumors cannot easily be shut down. Recently there were rumors about George as well. Many wanted to find out Messi’s connection with the Saudi club, especially Jorge’s move to Saudi Arabia. More such rumors can be heard in future. At least until there is no confirmed news about Messi’s future. George Messi said, ‘False news is being spread one after the other about Leo. Such fake news has no credibility. For those of you who love Leo, don’t pay any heed to this kind of fake news. We are thinking, we will take legal action only if another false news is published from now on.

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