‘Jaduvansh is being destroyed, he is trying to save his nephew’: Dilip Ghosh

Palash Naskar, Kolkata: “The fight is now inside the grassroots.” Arup Roy vs Manoj Tiwari The tussle continues within the party. The Yadu dynasty is dying. The torch round has begun. Mamta Banerjee has nothing to say about this. He is now trying to save his nephew.” – Speaker’s name is Dilip Ghosh BJP’s all-India vice president “I think you can’t even do that,” claimed Dilip Ghosh during his morning tour at Newtown Eco Park on Friday morning. Did. Today, if such a quarrel takes place between the ministers, then the common workers, who are neighborhood gangsters or katmanikhors, will fight. Common people are suffering because of this.

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On the new wave of Abhishek, the Chief Minister will attend Shalbani in West Midnipore tomorrow. Dilip’s taunt by making Abhishek sit equal to the Chief Minister, said- How long will Mamta Banerjee roam around with him in her lap? leave him on the street. He sent him to understand how much he had. Police, NVF, Civic Police have to crowd with them. No party people. Some Katmani Khor, Gunda are scoundrels. Someone is blocking the way, someone is a thief. Such leaders are made in the home laboratory. Society will not matter to them.

In fact, after visiting Shalbani, the Chief Minister will visit the site of the bomb blast in Agra on Saturday. Dileep’s comment about the Chief Minister’s visit a week and a half after the incident, “He is checking whether there will be a protest or not.” Will someone call him a thief or not? She is the queen of thieves. Maybe the police will cover it up tomorrow. Don’t let anyone come near you. Get off the helicopter and go to the spot. For example, go see the flood. But don’t enter the village. Do a trip to Hawaii like this.

Midnipore MP has also told why the police was fired upon in Sheetalkuchi. According to Dilip, “When the BSF fired on the cow smuggler, Abhishek came away wiping his tears. When people are running after the police, when Public anger is falling on the police, when people are losing faith in the police, it means people have lost faith in the administration, the government and the chief minister. If the police don’t catch the criminals, this is what happens .”

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