In the field, this work is the final critic Gill! “If you think too much about everyone, that will happen”, commented the netizens

Bangla Hunt News Desk: Today, India and Australia are facing each other at Chipok Stadium in Chennai to play the deciding match of the series (India vs Australia). Team India lost the toss on the slow wicket of Chipak. Australia won the toss and decided to bat first. But as soon as they broke the opening partnership, they fell into trouble in front of the Indian bowlers.

But Shubman Gill is being criticized today. Already in the first two matches of the series, he was not found in his familiar rhythm. In front of Mitchell Starc, he looks a little helpless. Then today he did something that earned him the ultimate criticism.

Gill failed to catch Hardik Pandya’s catch at deep square leg in Hardik Pandya’s first over after a great partnership for the first wicket. The ball bounces off his hands and hits the boundary line and Australia get four runs. It was then that his criticism began.

Critics have begun to claim that Gill has gained too much of the limelight by running against weaker teams and that his focus has shifted away from cricket. Australia stars have shown their true form in this ODI series. Many netizens took to social media and commented that if Sara Ali Khan, Sara Tendulkar, Rashmika Mandhana were to be over-hyped, the situation would be like this.

However, India did not suffer much due to Gill’s mistake. Hardik Pandya sent back Head in that over and then he took three wickets and Kuldeep two to put Australia on the backfoot. Gill also atoned a bit by catching LaBushan. At the time of writing the report, Ajira has lost 5 wickets out of 171 runs.

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