‘If today you are a saint, today I am a thief’

special Report: Opponents say, all eyewitnesses! Going a step further, Nichutala’s policemen say sadly in the style of Ravi Tagore’s ‘Dui Bigha Zameen’, ‘Today you are a saint, so I am a thief today!’

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The incident began when a group of robbers attacked a gold shop on Old Calcutta Road near busy Railway Gate No. 14 in Barrackpore on Wednesday evening and shot dead the gold shop owner’s son. Barakpur MP Arjun Singh was condemned by the police during his meeting with the families of the victims of Laxmi Barakpur in the morning of two murders in the area within a month. “It’s a shame for us.” Anger is increasing among the people about the role of the police. Arjun made this comment in public

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Arjun did not stop here, Trinamool returnee Arjun (BJP MP in pen and paper) has also fueled speculation of ‘collusion of miscreants with low level police personnel’. He also raised the question why the police is not filtering everything. Suddenly, Arjun’s openly belligerent behavior towards the police has actually gained support from a section of the public. Right from the time of Laxmibar, a section of our people has been criticizing the police. Ever since the matter came to light, the lower level police personnel of Barrackpore Police Commissionerate have started questioning Arjun’s role.

In his own words, “What to say if the rogue, the father of thugs himself turns 180 degrees?” The leaders were seen taking them even before they reached the police station. It is coming from the left. Now what is the use of putting all the blame on the shoulders of the police!

An officer of the Barrackpore Police Commissionerate, also supporting the comments of lower-level police personnel, says, “With the political control removed from the police, we know how to get the most out of all criminals.” However, detractors say, “The effort to suppress criminals is actually to retain the vote bank. Arjun Singh does not.” Actually they are being asked for damage control

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