How to track stolen phone from stolen mobile, how can block it? Know, it will be beneficial

smartphone theft Everyone or someone they know has lost a smartphone at some point or the other. It doesn’t matter if it falls into the hands of a pickpocket. In such a situation, along with financial stress, mental stress also arises. People spend a lot of money to buy phones. It also includes many necessary documents, payment arrangements and photos. As a result, it is normal to suffer when stolen or lost. But did you know, you can track your smartphone exactly where it is!

Yes, you can locate and block your lost mobile using IMEI number. All the damage is done. But you have to make sure that your phone is not misused. So definitely trace and block by IMEI. Also read: Jio Recharge Plan: Get unlimited calls, 2.5GB data in this Rs 75 plan of Jio

What is the IMEI number again?

Every phone has a unique 15 digit number. Just like a bank account number. It is called ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’, IMEI number for short. Every mobile device has an IMEI number. Think of it as your phone’s Aadhaar or PAN number. This means that this is your phone identity.

This IMEI number is written on the box of all phones. You can also find IMEI in phone settings.

That’s why it is necessary to have a phone box to track. Or you can write down the IMEI number of the phone somewhere.

What is IMEI, now know how to use it:

V. Go to the official website of CEIR ( Currently, the government is providing this service in Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

V. Give all useful information of all lost mobile devices like

Brand, model, where it was last, etc.

3. Alternatively enter any number which you currently have active. It will generate OTP.

P. Submit it after getting the OTP. After this you will get a request ID number. Through this you can block IMEI.

Using the CEIR website, you can also check the location of your lost phone, whether the police investigation has progressed. Luckily, if you find the phone, you can unlock the IMEI number later. Read More: Satellite Calling: No SIM required, phone calls can be made from satellite!

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