Demand for boycott of new trailer of ‘Selfie’ arose on social media

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi’s upcoming movie ‘Selfie’ has got a lot of buzz to watch. Recently the trailer of the movie has also come out, which is also being given a very good response by the people. After watching the trailer of the movie, people are eagerly waiting for this movie. Meanwhile, another trailer of Akshay Kumar’s much awaited movie ‘Selfie’ has come out. The trailer of Akshay Kumar’s film has started trending on social media as soon as it is released. In the trailer, where Emraan Hashmi is going to appear in the role of a police officer. Whereas Akshay Kumar is in the role of a movie star. Sharing this, Akshay Kumar wrote, ‘Heard a lot of common man’s story, now heard Vijay Verma’s too.’ A scene in this trailer caught the attention of the people. People are busy discussing this scene on social media.

Boycott Bollywood mentioned in Selfie trailer: Selfie’s new selfie begins with a news reporter shouting, ‘Officer Om Prakash put a superstar in his place. I say this superstar should be banned. People are also reacting fiercely on this scene of the hashtag Boycott Vijay Kumar, Boycott Bollywood.. It is known that in real life too, these days Boycott Bollywood continues to trend on Twitter. Many movies have come in its grip till now. The name of many movies of Akshay Kumar is included in this list.

Akshay Kumar will rock in the year 2023: The reports say that the year 2022 was nothing special for Akshay Kumar. Many of his films were released last year but no movie has performed well at the box office. Although the year 2023 is very special for Akshay Kumar. Many of his films are going to be released this year, in which Selfie has also been named.

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