Chup Chap Upe Chap: Kejriwal’s new strategy to shake Mamata’s support in rural Bengal

Kolkata: Corruption is at its peak in Bengal. Many projects have been started by the government in the name of development, billions of rupees are also being spent, but in reality the people of the state are not getting any solution because the government machinery is steeped in corruption. – Demand of Aam Aadmi Party

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Recently, AAP leaders have gathered detailed information about them by reaching every village in Bengal. The leadership eager to open the mask of the ‘people-friendly’ mother-soil-people’s government by keeping ‘all those facts’ in front. Although the official announcement of Panchayat elections has not been made in the state yet, but political analysts say that the announcement of Panchayat elections can be done any day. That’s why AAP workers have started spreading the organization secretly in many districts of Bengal since one and a half year ago.

The AAP leadership has already gone ahead with the state government’s ‘Karmatheertha’ project without leaving a shadow. AAP’s (AAP) state leader Sanjay Bose said, “The government website ‘Aagiye Bangla’ has so far spent Rs 1,000 crore on the Karmatheertha project.” But it has no practical application.

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The AAP leadership claims that more than 55 such market houses have been built in different parts of the state in the name of Karmatirth. But these are of no use, most of them are closed, it is clear that even after Karmatirth was actually constructed, the unemployed did not benefit, rather the pocket of the leaders of the ruling party has become heavy due to the tendering of that house. rampant corruption

Leaders say that this is just a sample, the way allegations of corruption are coming to the fore in recruitment in every government job in the state, in the same way, if the development projects are taken even a little further, thousands of discrepancies will come to the fore, photo of Beniam.

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On the other hand, the Kejriwal government has taken the initiative to show people how Kejriwal’s government stands with the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi by focusing on government projects. In the words of the leadership, “At the same time, we will present to the people the truth of the government services of the two kings.” Our target is to make Bengal corruption free on the lines of Delhi.

Delhi’s trick has already worked in Punjab, rather it is better to say that Punjabis have trusted you and voted with their hands, now the target is Bengali, to fulfill that target, the top leaders are moving forward.

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