Chief Minister’s brother ‘biased’, fielding East Bengal not fielding team in hockey derby

wall bureau: East Bengal club has boycotted the hockey derby match of Kolkata League. On Sunday, a big match of hockey was played in the ground. But on Saturday night, Red Yellow officials wrote to state hockey association president Swapan (Baboon) Banerjee, saying, “We wanted to play this match at a ground other than Mahamedan. But the game is played on the Mahamedan ground. The ground where there has been a lot of upheaval in the last two matches. This behavior of yours is never fair, it is better to be called biased. That’s why we are opposing it.”

This situation has never happened before. Swapan aka Baboon holds the top position in the state hockey organization along with being the field secretary of the Mohun Bagan club. He is the younger brother of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. A section of the Maidan complains that it wants to use the government’s influence in the Maidan.

Langoor’s great-grandfather Ajit Banerjee is again on Red Yellow’s executive committee. But he was not kept on any post other than the working committee. Because the red and yellow bosses don’t want anyone to point fingers about it.

Langoor Above all, he occupies all positions in the field in various ways. He also holds the position of Secretary, Bengal Olympic Organisation. No one knows what the post does.

An East Bengal official said on Sunday evening, “We had given a letter long ago that we do not want to play at the Mohammedan ground.” People entered that ground from outside. We’ve seen it before. The president of the state hockey association did not respond to him. Because there are many famous stars of India in our hockey team. If anything happens to them, who will take the responsibility? what will he take That’s why we boycotted the derby.”

East Bengal-Mohun Bagan met in the first hockey derby last February 19. There was a lot of excitement in this hockey match. Excitement spreads from the gallery to the playground. Anarchy, chair throwing, brick-stone pelting, scuffles were also not spared. Both club officials and supporters were involved in the trouble. The police had to intervene to control the situation.

Mohun Bagan had already become champions. On this day, after winning the title, there was a celebration in the tent. After playing 22 years in the Kolkata Hockey League, the green maroon team became the champion. After winning the ISL, Bagan won the title in hockey as well.

Vishal is a good keeper but this ISL doesn’t matter, where is the Bengali footballer!

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