Center will stop spy glasses, wearable devices!

Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajiv Chandrasekhar reviewed the proposed Digital India Act for the first time. On Thursday they discussed setting rules on data on controversial gadgets such as ‘spy’ glasses and wearable devices.

The draft of the Digital India Act is yet to be finalised. There will be two more rounds of discussion with users, experts and gadget makers. Only after this the initial draft of this new law can be prepared. The IT minister said this in a virtual interview after the first day’s talks in Bengaluru. Read more: Slave India will change the old century! Railway has a big plan regarding sleeper class

We have for the first time taken some suggestions as to what the primary clauses of the Act would be. Based on this a draft will be prepared. After that the draft will be discussed in depth for at least 45 to 60 days. Only after that the decision will be taken.

Based on this consultation period, the draft bill is expected to be ready for presentation to Parliament next July. On this day, the Union Minister said, ‘I hope that this law will be implemented in the current year itself.’

But what is the reason for spending so much time behind this law? The Union Minister said, ‘At present, we are passing through such a phase, where technology is growing very fast. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has arrived. AI computing, blockchain, all kinds of big changes happening. This law was brought according to the demand of that time. We have to prepare for the future now.

In the initial discussion, the Union Minister discussed what laws should be passed in the case of equipment like ‘spy’ cameras, how government control can be brought.

I have mentioned many things. What should be the legal response in cases where it is a device like glasses in a camera? If someone comes into your house with something related to the camera and starts taking pictures of you, how should it be dealt with legally?’ Chandrasekhar asked.

The Union Minister said that the Internet today is much more complex than it was five years ago. New platforms, new devices and 5G, 6G and IoT have arrived. The complexity of the Internet is about 100 times greater than it was five years ago. So the DIA will have to deal with it, he said.

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