Bagdogra elephant: Elephant entered the forest worker’s house, broke the house in search of food

Bugdogs: Late night elephant mischief at forester’s house in Bagdogra. Events in the Sanyasi Tea Garden area. Dantal is said to have entered the house in search of food.

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The call of the elephant at midnight. The members came out of the house risking their lives. There were also women with two children among the members of the house. Teeth gnashing in search of food. The local people immediately informed the Forest Department. The forest workers came and burst crackers to chase away the elephant. The tin and fence were damaged along with the dining furniture in the house.

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Recently, a ration shop was damaged by an elephant attack in Mantadari area of ​​Jalpaiguri Rajganj block. As soon as the news spread, there was a crowd of people in the area. It may be known that in Mantadari area of ​​Rajganj block of Jalpaiguri district, an elephant broke the door of a ration shop and ran away with rice and flour. Shops were also allegedly ransacked. The people of the house next to the shop understood something and started shouting. The shopkeeper claimed that the elephant ran away with the flour sack when all the residents came out. According to the local residents, around 12.30 pm, an elephant came and ransacked the ration shop.

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