ATK Mohun Bagan name change: Drought ended eight years ago, this time ‘liberation’ has come – Mohun Bagan fans celebrate in Bengaluru

It was an evening in May eight years ago. Mohun Bagan’s National League (then I-League) drought ended after this match against Bengaluru FC. And this time on March 1, Mohun Bagan fans got another ‘good news’ as they defeated Sunil Chhetri’s team in the ISL final. After years of demanding ‘IT Hatao’, Mohun Bagan boss Sanjiv Goenka finally announced that ‘IT’ is being dropped from the next season. The new name of the club is ‘Mohun Bagan Super Giants’. This announcement led to unbridled enthusiasm among the green-maroon supporters. Those who are humming, ‘This boat sails even in rough seas. Dealing with so many storms, the game speaks.

Mohun Bagan became ISL champions after defeating Bengaluru FC in Goa on Saturday. After this Goenka said, ‘ATK’ is appearing before the name of Mohun Bagan. From the next season, this sailing boat will proceed under the name of ‘Mohun Bagan Super Giants’.

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After that announcement the Mohun Bagan supporters have been ‘released’ from the ‘jail of subordination’. For fans Mohun Bagan is ‘Mother’, Mohun Bagan is ‘Mother’. Supporters whose blood color is probably not red, but ‘green-maroon’ blood colour. One such Mohun Bagan supporter said, ‘This type of ISL trophy will come and go. Today’s biggest trophy is bringing thousands of Mariners (Mohun Bagan supporters) back to the ground. Thank you Mr. Goenka for fueling passion in the corporate era. See, again in the same familiar green-maroon colour.

In the same tone, another young Mohun Bagan supporter said, ‘Mother, I have been looking for you since long. We got you back. Joy Mohun Bagan Maa. The other said, ‘Wipe it. Stay Mohun Bagan. Supporters’ passion, love won ISL. In the same tone, a boatman said, ‘The name Mohun Bagan has gone away. result of a long struggle. The result of keeping the head straight.

On the evening of May 31, 2015, many Mohun Bagan fans shared the joy of having ‘Maa’ back. After a drought of nearly a decade and a half, Mohun Bagan became India’s best on a rainy evening. Bengaluru FC won the I-League (formerly known as National League) against Bengaluru FC. Sanjay Sen’s side played out a 1-1 draw at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore. They fell behind in the 39th minute of the match. From there, Mohun Bagan ended their troubles in the 86th minute with Belo Razzaq’s header from a corner by Sonny Nord to draw 1-1. Answered all the sarcasm, answered the joke.

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After Mohun Bagan won the I-League trophy in 2014-15, it seemed like all the rain that was falling in Kantiwara could be tears of joy for the green and maroon fans. As if they have already understood that ‘this time is about to come’. However, there was no rain at the Fatadora Stadium in Goa on Saturday. It has rained in many parts of West Bengal including Kolkata. It might be tears of joy for Mohun Bagan supporters, tears of ‘getting their mother back’, who knows!

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