Are Samsung Phones Really Zooming In On The Moon?

One of the highlights of Samsung’s ‘Ultra’ series of smartphones is the zoom camera. Pictures from far away from this phone are also quite clear. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra also has a feature called ‘Space Zoom’. The organization claims that the picture of the moon will be clear. Meanwhile, a Reddit user claimed, ‘It’s all a lie!’ According to him, the real image in the camera is blurred. The image is processed by AI in the software and looks perfect. A Reddit user claimed that the moon’s craters are being planted with artificial intelligence. According to him, now this matter should be investigated. Also read: From Samsung to Oppo, these 5 affordable smartphones

Many people are surprised by the pictures of the moon taken with the latest zoom lens of ‘S20 Ultra’. But I doubt its authenticity. Because the pictures are perfect. Not saying that the pictures are completely fake. But not entirely original,’ Reddit user ibreakphotos wrote in his post.

He said he downloaded a high-resolution image of the Moon from the Internet for testing. Shrink it down to 170×170 pixels. Then he applied a Gaussian blur (the Image Blur filter in Photoshop). The picture gets blurred. He then played the image full-screen on a computer monitor. Then darken the room and stand at a distance. He then took a picture of the moon using the Space Zoom on a Samsung phone.

what happened. It can be seen that the blurry image on the Samsung phone has become very bright! Where the original image is blurry, how did the phone get such a clear image? He raised the question.

<p>Image: Reddit</p>
<p>Image: Reddit</p>
<p>Photo: Reddit</p>
<p> <strong>(reddit)</strong></figcaption></figure>
<p>According to them it is a game of AI.  In other words, the image in the camera lens is blurred.  But the image is being processed by software, with moon ‘stains’ being applied.  That is, it is not so much the hardware of the camera as the functionality of the software.</p>
<p>According to him, perhaps in this AI model pictures of the moon are fed from different angles.  AI is making real craters on the moon by looking at the blurry picture.</p>
<p>He claimed, ‘Samsung’s moon picture is fake.’  According to him, ‘this promotion/advertisement of Samsung is misleading’.  ‘It’s the AI ​​that does most of the work, not the optics.  The detail you get in optics is never possible.’</p>
<p>What is your opinion in this matter?  Enhancing human skin tone through AI, the background blur feature is quite common now.  But was this picture of the moon too much?  Give your suggestion. <strong>Also Read: Republic Day Sale Begins On Flipkart!  Tremendous discount will be available on these 5 smartphones, the price has come down</strong></p>
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