‘Another new practice has come in the industry, make brother in the morning, and in the night….’ Swara Bhaskar married Fahadh, users said

The Bollywood actress has also shared a video posted on her Twitter on 16 February. As soon as the video was posted, there was a flood of comments on it. Swara Bhaskar has informed about her marriage through this video. Actually, Swara has secretly married Samajwadi Party’s young leader Fahad Ahmed on 16th January. As soon as Swara gave this information through Twitter, there was an uproar on social media. Significantly, about 15 days ago, while posting the picture of Fahad Ahmed, Swara advised him to marry, calling him brother.

Please tell that Swara Bhaskar posted a picture of herself with Fahad on her husband Fahad’s birthday on February 2, writing that ‘Happy birthday Fahad Miyan! Brother’s confidence should remain intact. Be happy, be settled, you are getting old, now get married. Swara Bhaskar, who is often in the headlines for her statements, has started getting wishes on her marriage.

Both had met during the Protest: The news says that Swara Bhaskar is one of the few Bollywood actresses who is full of social consciousness. Swara has always kept her views on all the political issues of the country. Swara has openly protested against the government several times. Swara also met Fahad in the midst of Protest. Maharashtra state president of Samajwadi Party’s youth wing Samajwadi Yuvjan Sabha Fahad Ahmed and Swara have got married in court on 16th January. In Swara’s video, both have also appeared outside the marriage registrar’s office. Along with this, many times in these pictures of Swara, she herself was seen taking part in the Protest along with Fahad.

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