Amid corruption in recruitment, Deblena said “I stood first in the SET exam”, playing the Trinamool leader’s father.

Kolkata: The whole of Bengal is embroiled in the recruitment corruption case. From the former education minister to the top officials associated with the education system are in jail. There are also allegations of giving jobs for money. Devlina Kumar, daughter of Trinamool MLA Debasish Kumar opened a job in such a situation. But not only is she the daughter of a Trinamool MLA, she also has many other identities. Devleena is a successful Tollywood actress, good dancer and granddaughter of hero Uttamkumar. That Deblena posted a job with proof that started the practice.

Deblena Kumar has done corruption in the recruitment by bringing out the result of examination fixed 8 years ago. Where his name comes first. He then punched the opponents and wrote “I got a picture from eight years ago”. I sat for the set test and came first.” That’s not the end, Deblena also wrote that, “I said it online so that some people don’t think that my father did it.” Uttamkumar’s granddaughter told that her The father, though a Trinamool leader in Daput, did not employ him. The Trinamool MLA’s daughter wrote, “Yes, looking at him sometimes makes me feel like I’m not that stupid. There’s a little science in my stomach.”

Ever since the daughter of Trinamool MLA shared this photo, there has been a storm in the political circles. Practice is going on. There is no less discussion about the hint given by the actress by posting this picture. On one hand, where one after the other ruling party leaders are getting involved in the recruitment corruption case and are going to jail, on the other hand, such a post by the daughter of a strong leader of Trinamool will be a big topic of discussion.

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