AI can kill people! Google’s former CEO’s warning

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt expressed concern about AI or artificial intelligence like ChatGPT. He also joins the list of tech executives expressing concern about artificial intelligence chatbots.

Eric told The Wall Street Journal at the CEO Council Summit that AI is a threat to the existence of human society. He expressed apprehension that there is a possibility of ‘loss or death of many people’. Also read: Google I / O event: AI will soon be used from writing mail to Google Maps, Sundar Pichai’s big announcement

The former Google boss said AI could help uncover ‘zero-day exploits’ or discover ‘new forms of biology’. He reminisces, listening to these today may sound like fantasy. But over time this argument may turn out to be true. When this happens, there is a need to prepare now to ensure that it does not fall into the hands of bad people and is not misused.

But how exactly to be careful? Speaking of which, he practically admits that, for now, he has no idea how to control the AI ​​systems. However, it is a matter of great concern for the society, he said. He also said that there is little chance of this becoming a regulatory policy in the United States.

European Union (EU) lawmakers have already reached preliminary agreement on Europe’s ‘Artificial Intelligence Act’. This is expected to control the proliferation of AI systems in the future.

In March this year, over 1,000 prominent technology leaders, CEOs, experts including Elon Musk signed an open letter. It also called for a six-month hiatus on training of artificial intelligence models until the regulatory regime is in place.

During a recent discussion at his company’s annual meeting in Nebraska, Warren Buffett compared AI to something as terrifying as a nuclear bomb. The report was published in the New York Post. Also read: AI: Warren Buffett compares artificial intelligence to atomic bomb

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