Tragic incident in Nigeria, death of 103 wedding guests in boat sinking

Tragic incident in Nigeria, death of 103 wedding guests in boat sinking
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Tragic incident in Nigeria, a boat carrying the groom’s party after a wedding ceremony sank, resulting in the loss of 103 lives. The exact cause of the accident is yet to be determined, with overcrowding, lack of safety measures, and heavy rainfall during the monsoon season among the speculated factors.

The incident occurred in Kawara state, where a boat transporting passengers from the neighboring state of Niger capsized during their return journey. Most of the passengers were groomsmen and wedding attendees. The local administration has confirmed the death toll of 103, while 100 individuals were fortunate to be rescued. Rescue operations are still underway in the area.

The Kawara State Police spokesperson stated the tragic sinking claimed the lives of 103 people, and efforts are ongoing to save those in distress. The Governor’s office expressed deep sadness over the incident, specifically mentioning that the affected areas include Ibu, Jakan, Kapada, Kuchalu, and Sampi in the Patigi District.

This unfortunate event follows a similar boat sinking incident in North East Sokoto state, where 15 children lost their lives, and 25 individuals remain missing. Moreover, a separate accident in the river claimed the lives of 29 children last year. In December of the same year, heavy rains caused another boating accident in Anambra, resulting in the tragic death of 76 people.

As authorities continue their investigation, the focus remains on identifying the causes behind this heartbreaking boat accident, in hopes of preventing such incidents and ensuring the safety of future river travelers.


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