Ship carrying ‘refugees’ sinks off the coast of Greece, 79 dead, many missing

Ship carrying 'refugees' sinks off the coast of Greece, 79 dead, many missing
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Following the recent boat accident in Nigeria, another heartbreaking incident unfolded in Greece, where a shipwreck claimed the lives of 79 individuals. The number of passengers aboard the ill-fated vessel remains uncertain, but so far, 104 people have been rescued as ongoing dive operations persist.

According to local authorities, the ship, carrying refugees, sank in the sea off the coast of Greece after accepting additional passengers. The vessel was initially spotted by the EU border agency Frontex in international waters, approximately 80 kilometers southwest of Pylos, a town on the southern Greek coast. The coast guard ship promptly offered assistance to the distressed vessel, but the ship ultimately declined the aid. Hours later, it tragically sank.

The European Union’s rescue team reported an estimated 750 passengers on board, while the United Nations Refugee Council suggested the number to be around 400. As a result, the death toll is expected to rise. The deceased refugees are believed to be from Egypt, Syria, and Pakistan. Greece itself experienced a horrific boat accident in February of this year, which claimed the lives of 96 individuals.

In a separate incident yesterday, a boat carrying a wedding party sank in a river in Nigeria, Africa, resulting in the loss of 103 lives. Similar to the Greek tragedy, the causes of the accident are under speculation, including overcrowding, lack of safety measures, and adverse weather conditions during the monsoon season. Thankfully, 100 people were rescued from the incident.

As the rescue efforts continue, both in Greece and Nigeria, authorities and international organizations remain committed to investigating the causes behind these devastating accidents and taking measures to prevent future tragedies at sea.


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