President Joe Biden’s Railway Comment Goes Viral, Draws Criticism

President Joe Biden's Railway Comment Goes Viral, Draws Criticism

President Joe Biden’s Railway Comment Goes Viral, Draws Criticism

President Joe Biden has once again found himself at the center of controversy after making a comment about a long railway line extending from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean during a recent conference. Speaking at a dinner hosted by the League of Conservation Voters, Biden discussed future goals of the US administration and mentioned the ambitious railway project, along with plans for a large solar power project in Angola.

However, the comment quickly garnered laughter from the audience, leading President Biden himself to join in on the amusement. Recognizing the reaction, he quipped, “A lot can be said. But I’m going off script. I will be in trouble now.” Despite his lighthearted response, the specific portion of his speech spread rapidly across the internet, attracting criticism and becoming a topic of discussion among netizens.

The video clip of Biden’s remark gained significant traction, drawing reactions from both ordinary individuals and US administration officials. GOP consultant Matt Whitlock tweeted a sarcastic remark, while the press secretary for a Missouri senator humorously suggested that “Grandpa should be told to sleep.” One netizen even jokingly stated, “Next time I go to India, I will take a train along this railway.”

It is worth noting that President Biden has faced previous instances of public scrutiny for making incorrect comments, and this latest incident has only added fuel to the fire. The context of his speech and the subsequent viral spread of the video prompted widespread criticism from netizens. Notably, this occurrence comes shortly after Biden’s previous remarks praising China, once again raising eyebrows and causing surprise among the American public.

Stay updated on the latest developments surrounding President Joe Biden’s comments and the ensuing reactions as netizens and critics continue to engage with the topic.

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