Parliamentary Committee Strongly Criticizes Boris Johnson in Partygate Scandal

Parliamentary Committee Strongly Criticizes Boris Johnson in Partygate Scandal

A scathing report presented by Britain’s Parliamentary Committee has unleashed severe criticism against former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the Partygate scandal. The report concludes that Johnson misled party MPs regarding lockdown partying during the COVID-19 pandemic, warranting his suspension from the role of Member of Parliament (MP). However, this recommendation will not be enacted, as Johnson recently resigned from his MP position.

During the two-year lockdown period implemented to curb the spread of the coronavirus, allegations emerged suggesting numerous parties took place at 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister. At least three of these gatherings allegedly involved the presence of the Prime Minister himself. Johnson, however, vehemently denied all allegations, dismissing them as false. Amidst intense debate, a parliamentary committee was established to investigate the matter, and their report was presented to the British Parliament on Thursday.

The report reveals that the then Prime Minister deliberately kept party MPs in the dark, providing them with misleading information. Such behavior has not only deceived fellow MPs but also brought disrepute to the Parliament itself. Consequently, the report recommends a three-month suspension from parliament as a punishment for Johnson. However, his recent resignation from the MP position renders this recommendation ineffective. The former Prime Minister has further criticized the committee’s report on the Partygate case, referring to it as ‘black magic,’ and maintains his innocence, denying any wrongdoing.

It is worth noting that Boris Johnson’s political relevance has been diminishing for some time. Following his resignation as Prime Minister, he also had to relinquish his MP post. Recently, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak even publicly rebuked him in Parliament. Overall, Johnson finds himself increasingly isolated in British politics, facing mounting challenges and criticisms.


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