Husband’s wife’s beating is justified! Think one in four, claims the UN report

Husband's wife's beating is justified! Think one in four, claims the United Nations
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Husband’s wife’s beating is justified! Think one in four, claims the UN report

Despite the longstanding movement for women’s rights worldwide, the reality remains disheartening, as highlighted in a recent United Nations (UN) report. Referred to as “half the sky,” women continue to face significant challenges. Shockingly, the report reveals that one in four individuals across the globe believes that husbands are justified in beating their wives. Astonishingly, it is not solely men who hold this view; many women also share this perspective. The UN report further indicates that approximately 90 percent of the world’s population harbors biases against women’s rights, encompassing not only domestic violence but also education, political participation, and economic opportunities.

The United Nations Development Program recently released the 2023 Gender Social Norms Index, which primarily focuses on four key areas: domestic violence, politics, education, and the economy. In addition to the endorsement of physical abuse, the report sheds light on prevailing prejudices, including the belief that men are inherently more qualified as political leaders, that higher education is more crucial for men, that men should be prioritized for employment, and that men enjoy greater success in business ventures. These entrenched biases persist, with a staggering 90 percent of people subscribing to at least some of these notions.

When it comes to political biases, 69 percent of men acknowledge their existence. Furthermore, over 40 percent of individuals believe that men outperform women in the business world. Alarmingly, only 27 percent of people surveyed expressed a belief in equal representation between men and women in democracy. Disturbingly, a quarter of respondents consider physical abuse by men against women to be morally justifiable. In terms of education, 28 percent of individuals believe that men should be given priority over women in university admissions.

The UN report serves as a stark reminder that despite the progress made in the fight for women’s rights, there is still a long way to go in addressing deeply ingrained societal biases and achieving true gender equality.

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